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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has three main benefits:

  • It can generate instant or near-instant results.
  • can always be customized to fit a specific budget
  • effects of PPC ads are highly measurable with the right tracking in place

Unlike SEO, PPC advertising works fast – if we setup your account today, you may see the benefits as soon as tomorrow.

When PPC Works Best

Pay-per-click advertising works exceptionally well when we have a defined goal. If you want to generate leads or phone calls, a PPC ad campaign can be designed to attract potential clients to your company website and then encourage them to contact you.

PPC can also be used to generate direct sales – many eCommerce companies rely upon pay-per-click advertising to generate sales.

We recommend pay-per-click advertising on Google AdWords, Facebook, and Microsoft AdCenter. We are well versed in all three platforms, and depending on your goals we can recommend the best option(s) to you.

PPC Budget

When determining your budget for pay-per-click advertising, you should account for three costs: a setup fee, a monthly management fee, and your click costs. Since costs-per-click vary from industry to industry and market to market, it is difficult for us to project a budget. However, you are welcome to contact us to request a free PPC budget estimate.

Why Do I Want To Work With A PPC Management Company?

At first glance, pay-per-click advertising is deceptively simple. You punch in your keywords, your bids, and the you put in your credit card and hope for the best. However, most of the do-it-yourself ad campaigns that we’ve inherited were wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars a month on un-needed clicks. While anyone can start a PPC campaign, it takes knowledge and experience to create a campaign that’s efficient and effective.

Chances are good that if you have an existing pay-per-click advertising campaign that wasn’t professionally developed, we can save you money and improve performance right away.

The other reason to work with a PPC management company is that we can maximize your budget. If you have a limited budget, you may be tempted to try and manage your PPC accounts yourself. However, if your spend is low, you need to make every dollar count – a PPC pro can help.

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